Emily Hill Mills Woodmansee

Emily Hill Mills Woodmansee Emily was born in England in 1836. She grew up with an unusual interest in God. “I was much concerned about my eternal salvation,” she said, “and felt I would make any sacrifice to obtain it.” She asked questions, but no one could help her. She found answers and comfort in … Read More

July 24, 1847

July 24, 1847 July 24, 1847 About 11:45 AM Brigham Young riding in the carriage of Wilford Woodruff entered the Salt Lake Valley for the first time. Wilford would later describe that he stopped there on the benchland and turned his carriage so that the ailing president could look over the Valley. President Young was … Read More

Thomas and Ann Karren

Thomas and Ann Karren Their’s was a remarkable love story. Ann Ratcliffe was born at Little Crosby, Lancashire, England. Her father, John, owned and operated a successful bakery. In time Ann worked in the bakery with him. Then her father died of Typhoid Fever. Ann ran an ad for someone to help her in the … Read More

Emma Belle and Grandpa

Emma Belle and Grandpa In commemoration of events that took place June 27,, 1844, I offer the following. One day, many years ago, some little girls were playing in front of Emma Belle’s house. They were talking about their grandfathers. Emma Belle had never heard of a grandpa, so she asked where hers was. One … Read More

Martin Harris and the Book of Mormon

Martin Harris and the Book of Mormon He was a man raised up for a singular purpose, called and chosen to assist in the bringing forth of the Book of Mormon. Martin Harris came from a family of English Quakers who emigrated to Palmyra, New York at the end of the 18th century. They settled … Read More

Mighty Prayer

Lucy Mack Smith and Mighty Prayer The next time you find yourself too tired to pray or too busy, please remember this story. It was called the exodus of Kirtland—in early 1838 the enemies of the Church finally became so violent and threatening that many of the saints were forced to flee. It was January … Read More

Samuel Harrison Smith

Samuel Harrison Smith June 1830.  Mendon, New York.  It was in the evening when Phineas, a circuit preacher was on his way home. He stopped at the Tomlinson Inn there in Mendon for dinner. While he was eating and talking with the family, a roughly dressed stranger, a young man, came up to him holding … Read More

Thurlow Weed

We are working on the show that tells the story of securing a printer for the Book of Mormon. This is one of the things we learned. Thurlow Weed Thurlow Weed was born in 1797 the son of farmers in Greene County New York. Though just a lad he served in the war of 1812 … Read More