Polly Peck Knight

Polly Peck Knight It was in the Fall of 1826 when Mother Polly Peck Knight and her family first met young Joseph Smith. While he was struggling to survive and preparing himself to receive the Gold Plates, the Knights were well-established land-owners and farmers. The Knights would later befriend Joseph help support him while he … Read More

The Joseph Smith Translation of the Bible

The Joseph Smith Translation No sooner was the Book of Mormon off Grandin’s Press in Palmyra than Joseph was reassigned. The project is little known and even less understood, even by Joseph’s own people, yet it was so critical of a work that he devoted much of his time to it for over two years. … Read More

Moses, Elijah, and The Kirtland Temple

120 years-old, Moses walked up the slopes of Mount Nebo accompanied by Joshua and the Senate. Despite his age his eye was not dim nor his natural force abated. He was still strong and vigorous. It was not by his will that he ascended those steep slopes. “Get thee up into this mountain,” the Lord … Read More

Joseph and Emma: The Reunion

Joseph and Emma: The Reunion March 20, 1839, in the dank, cold, dungeon cell of Liberty Jail in Clay County, Missouri, Joseph Smith and four other companions were imprisoned. By the duplicity of traitors they had been arrested and on the strength of testimony offered by false friends they had been confined in the close … Read More

Newel and Lydia

Newel and Lydia When the Lord said, “all things shall work together for good to them that walk uprightly,” he meant it. Lydia Goldthwaite was born June 9, 1812 in Salem, Massachusetts. In time her father moved the family to western New York. She was the third of twelve children in a loving family. When … Read More

Emma and Joseph January 18, 1827

When we speak of faith and courage this story should ever be remembered. January 18, 1827, Emma Hale, 22 years-old, traveled north up the Susquehanna River from her home in Harmony, Pennsylvania to visit her sister who was living near Colesville, New York. While there Emma and Joseph Smith Jr. discussed marriage once again. They … Read More

Emily Hill Mills Woodmansee

Emily Hill Mills Woodmansee Emily was born in England in 1836. She grew up with an unusual interest in God. “I was much concerned about my eternal salvation,” she said, “and felt I would make any sacrifice to obtain it.” She asked questions, but no one could help her. She found answers and comfort in … Read More

July 24, 1847

July 24, 1847 July 24, 1847 About 11:45 AM Brigham Young riding in the carriage of Wilford Woodruff entered the Salt Lake Valley for the first time. Wilford would later describe that he stopped there on the benchland and turned his carriage so that the ailing president could look over the Valley. President Young was … Read More

Thomas and Ann Karren

Thomas and Ann Karren Their’s was a remarkable love story. Ann Ratcliffe was born at Little Crosby, Lancashire, England. Her father, John, owned and operated a successful bakery. In time Ann worked in the bakery with him. Then her father died of Typhoid Fever. Ann ran an ad for someone to help her in the … Read More