Quincy: City of Refuge

Quincy: City of Refuge October 27, 1838, Missouri Governor Lilburn W. Boggs issued an executive order decreeing that all Mormons in the State of Missouri must either leave the state or be exterminated. Thousands of State militiamen descended on the Mormons and forced them from their homes, raping, burning and pillaging. 10-15,000 Mormons, robbed of … Read More

The Conversion of Brigham Young

        The Conversion of Brigham Young They were a typical large New England family–very poor—so poor in fact that the children were not afforded the luxury of an education. The only learning they received came in the form of hard work on the farm. The parents were “some of the most strict … Read More

The Mobbing of Joseph Smith

The Mobbing of Joseph Smith March 25, 1832, sometime in the wee hours of morning a mob of angry men crept towards the home of John and Elsa Johnson in Hiram, Ohio. They circled around the house to the summer kitchen. Creeping forward they peered through the window at the exhausted occupants sleeping beneath their … Read More

Peace in Bethlehem

    Peace In Bethlehem We live in a noisy turbulent world filled with hate and the love of war. What is Christmas, but the reminder that such days are numbered. Because of still-seething tensions we came into Bethlehem, a city under siege, by the back door. After parking our buses we made our way … Read More

Handcart Rescue for Thanksgiving 2014

    This Thanksgiving may I share a story of real gratitude? Tuesday, October 21, 1856. The members of the Willie Handcart Company were camped, in the deep snow, at the Sixth Crossing of the Sweetwater in Wyoming, where they had been for two days—without food. They had journeyed all the way from Iowa City, … Read More

Amasa Mason Lyman

    Amasa Mason Lyman Two missionaries came into the small New Hampshire community of Lyman. Living there was a young man, 19 years old, who had been searching earnestly for the truth. Upon hearing the sure testimony of Elders Orson Pratt and Lyman E. Johnson, he was converted and baptized April 27, 1832. He … Read More

Bishop Millen Atwood

Bishop Millen Atwood One evening many years ago, a Church meeting was called in the old Thirteenth Ward in Salt Lake City. The venerable old Bishop Atwood was the speaker. Bishop Millen Atwood had grown up in the east as a lad with many responsibilities. His father suffered ill health and Millen labored on the … Read More

Zion and Martin Harris

Zion and Martin Harris Isaiah spoke often and eloquently about the Zion that would be established in the last days. Prophets looked forward to it and rejoiced in the knowledge. Among them, Ether prophesied that in the last days “a new Jerusalem should be built up upon this land, unto the remnant of the seed … Read More

Polly Peck Knight

Polly Peck Knight It was in the Fall of 1826 when Mother Polly Peck Knight and her family first met young Joseph Smith. While he was struggling to survive and preparing himself to receive the Gold Plates, the Knights were well-established land-owners and farmers. The Knights would later befriend Joseph help support him while he … Read More

The Joseph Smith Translation of the Bible

The Joseph Smith Translation No sooner was the Book of Mormon off Grandin’s Press in Palmyra than Joseph was reassigned. The project is little known and even less understood, even by Joseph’s own people, yet it was so critical of a work that he devoted much of his time to it for over two years. … Read More