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Marie Wilhemina Krause Madsen When we talk about pioneers I frequently hear people speak of the toughness of a people who could endure such physical demands, and that is true, but there is another dimension to that toughness that is equally, if not more important—Faith—spiritual toughness! Mina was born to a mother with great faith […]

William Ashton

  William Ashton: Continue On When stories are told of the Martin Handcart Company, of their sufferings and sacrifice; of their rescue and struggle, the story of this one family surely needs to be remembered. William and Sarah Ashton left England in May 1856 on the ship Horizon with their children Betsey, Sarah Ellen, Mary, […]

Christmas: Alvin Smith

Contention   Not long ago it was one of those days around my house where everyone seemed to be grouchy and grumpy and oh, glass egos everywhere. As snipping and snapping like a cage of sharks, we started our day. And I have to admit, I was no better than the rest of them. Two […]

First Christmas in Utah

First Christmas in Utah Brigham Young and the first Latter-day Saint pioneers entered the Salt Lake Valley in July 1847. By December of 1847 there were more than 1800 saints who had gathered to the Valley, most having arrived in late September and early October. President Young had returned to Winter Quarters and John Smith, […]

January 21, 1836, A Night of Visions

January 21, 1836—A Night of Visions The Lord will reveal himself to us when, where, and how he pleases. It is not by the will of man that revelation comes, but by the will of God. Thursday January 21, 1836, Kirtland, Ohio. 16 men entered the Kirtland House of the Lord and climbed the winding […]

Mary Jane McCleve

Mary Jane McCleve August 21, 1851, Mary Jane McCleve was baptized in the Irish Sea not far from County Down in the northeastern part of Ireland. She was baptized at night to escape persecution. As her family studied the Gospel the desire to go to Zion and find faith, freedom, and a piece of ground […]

The Will to Go On

The Will to Go On The Lord once said, “Whosoever doth not bear his cross, and come after me, cannot be my disciple.” Evidently, that cross gets very heavy and there is a temptation to put it down. The following are two examples of those determined to carry their cross to the end. Christopher Hultberg, […]

Susan Melverton Witbeck

Susan Melverton Witbeck Susan Melverton first heard missionaries teach the restored Gospel when she was only 12 in Somerset, England. Eventually she joined the Church without the knowledge or permission of her grandparents, with whom she lived. When her grandfather learned what she had done, he gave her the cruel ultimatum to renounce the Church […]

Greg Seppi Interview

October 2, 2015, the History of the Saints team interviewed Greg Seppi at BYU. Greg is the curator of Mormon and Western Americana at the L. Tom Perry Special Collections. He spoke of the 1835 Doctrine and Covenants and its physicality. He taught us that the book was printed in Kirtland and bound in Cleveland […]