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Kenneth L. Alford

We recently interviewed Dr. Kenneth L. Alford of BYU on the Utah War. He told us the story of the Utah of 57-58, and all of the difficulties that caused for both the Latter-day Saints and the United States. One thing really stood out. During that war, the Saints left Salt Lake City and fled […]

Matthew McBride and the Nauvoo Temple

We interviewed Matthew McBride (pictured here) and Alex Smith. They are both researchers and historians that work with the Joseph Smith Papers. We are producing a documentary on the earliest temples of The Restoration. He told the story of the Nauvoo Temple store that supported the temple workmen. He also spoke of the first temple […]

Richard E. Bennett Interview

Dr. Richard E. Bennett is the Chair of the Department of Church History and Doctrine at BYU. We interviewed him this week in preparation for our new DVD entitled “War on the Saints.” He told us the story of the Battle of Nauvoo in 1846 where the last of the Latter-day Saints were driven from Nauvoo […]

Show 05 The Grandfathers of Joseph Smith

While creating Season Four Show 05 on the Grandfathers of Joseph Smith Jr. I learned that the Prophet Joseph had seven ancestors on the Mayflower and that both of his Grandfathers were Revolutionary War Veterans. His grandfather Asael Smith read the Book of Mormon most of the way through, but died before he was baptized. […]