Richard E. Bennett Interview

Dr. Richard E. Bennett is the Chair of the Department of Church History and Doctrine at BYU. We interviewed him this week in preparation for our new DVD entitled “War on the Saints.” He told us the story of the Battle of Nauvoo in 1846 where the last of the Latter-day Saints were driven from Nauvoo by Hancock county mobs. He taught us about the unspeakable desecrations of the Nauvoo Temple and of the sufferings and death brought upon the Saints in Iowa as a result of the persecutions in Iowa. It was a touching story.  It will be in our new Documentary released Father’s Day 2014.


Show 05 The Grandfathers of Joseph Smith

19 Solomon Mack Narrative Life Story

While creating Season Four Show 05 on the Grandfathers of Joseph Smith Jr. I learned that the Prophet Joseph had seven ancestors on the Mayflower and that both of his Grandfathers were Revolutionary War Veterans. His grandfather Asael Smith read the Book of Mormon most of the way through, but died before he was baptized. His Grandfather Solomon Mack was converted to Christianity late in his life and became a devout missionary. He died the same year as the First Vision.
Joseph came of a family of seekers after truth that were willing to challenge established traditions.