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The Witnesses Bundle - 3 Book Special

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Out of the past come the voices of pioneers and ancestors telling of their experiences in the early days of the Restoration. They witnessed hardship, sacrifice, and suffering for the sake of their faith, but they were also witnesses to signs, wonders, miracles and tender mercies. These three volumes allow you, the reader to virtually go back and stand with them and hear them describe what they saw in their own words. It is a powerful and unfiltered experience.


This Bundle includes the following books: “Witnesses of Miracles and Mercies: 1757-1837,” “Journal of the Handcart Pioneers,” and “Signs, Wonders, and Miracles: Extraordinary Stories from Early Latter-day Saints.”

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The Secret Keepers: An Inspiring Story of Betrayal, Survival, and Hope

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The cover of the book, The Secret Keepers. Shows a young woman holding the hands of two children walking away from the viewer into a green field.

The Secret Keepers is an unforgettable, true story of a woman who endured unthinkable childhood abuse and the haunting memories that her mind held captive. Margi’s story exemplifies love, courage, and triumph over seemingly insurmountable odds. Her valiant conquest to uncover those protected secrets will both enlighten and uplift as you read Margi’s story of hope and feel her testimony of faith in the Savior.

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Mary Fielding Smith & Edward Partridge DVDs

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Nauvoo: The City Beautiful


The newest book from History of the Saints includes dozens of beautiful images, and stories from Nauvoo.

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Relief Society Special Offer

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Special Offers and Pricing for the Relief Society Anniversary. Watch the full hour long documentary with stories and interviews.

The Origins of the Relief Society

Book of Mormon DVD

This is the Book of Mormon DVD mentioned on Glenn’s most recent Facebook LIVE

The Great Mormon Exodus


This beautiful book tells the story of Brigham Young and the pioneers crossing the plains and establishing a new home in the Rocky Mountains. 

For Those Who Love Stories of the Trail...

Journal of the Handcart Pioneers

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This wonderful volume tells what it was actually like to cross the Plains pulling a handcart. This book is filled with quotes from the journals of the pioneers themselves.

War On The Saints

The Story of a Persecuted People


Now members of the Church can gain a deeper understanding of many of the significant trials faced by early Saints…

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