Winter Quarters, NE
Chimney Rock, NE
Rebecca Winters Grave, NE
Scotts Bluff, NE
Scotts Bluff, NE
Guernsey Ruts, WY
Guernsey Ruts, WY
Parting Of The Ways, WY
The Mansion House, IL
Nauvoo, IL
Nauvoo, IL
Meadows at Sunset, IL
Nauvoo, IL
If you traveled from Palmyra to Carthage and think that you have learned the history of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, please reconsider. What happened from Palmyra to Nauvoo defined us as a Church but what happened from Nauvoo to Salt Lake defined us a people.
The story of the pioneer trail that runs from the end of Parley Street in Nauvoo to This is the Place monument at the mouth of Emigration Canyon in Salt Lake is more than 1300 miles and is a legacy of faith, obedience, sacrifice, and love. It is an experience that will forever change you to stand in those deep ruts in Wyoming and realize that your own pioneer fathers and mothers once walked wearily where you now stand.
The stories of Nauvoo “one big wagon building factory,” Big Mountain, Martins Cove, Red Buttes, Chimney Rock, and Iowa City will be forever imprinted on your heart as holy ground. Come with us now for the essential second phase of Church History. 
Oh, and just for the fun of it, we will also enjoy a Mississippi Riverboat dinner cruise. 




As the boat glided through the water beyond the middle of the river toward China, Doohyun felt his soul rip in half. How he had longed for freedom! The buildup had taken years, and he was now so close to that dream, but Jiyeon was beneath the stars over North Korea. He was torn between the fires of release and remorse. The memory of her disappearing figure at the train station and the torrid release of his tears on the train car balcony flooded forward in a vivid remembrance. It was the hardest moment of his entire life. The necessary lie of his two-week business trip to protect his wife still hurt, and Doohyun promised himself that he would use that ache to find freedom and bring his sweet wife into his arms again.