Building Faith Through Church History

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July 24, 1847

July 24, 1847 July 24, 1847 About 11:45 AM Brigham Young riding in the carriage of Wilford Woodruff entered the Salt Lake Valley for the

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Thomas and Ann Karren

Thomas and Ann Karren Their’s was a remarkable love story. Ann Ratcliffe was born at Little Crosby, Lancashire, England. Her father, John, owned and operated

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Emma Belle and Grandpa

Emma Belle and Grandpa In commemoration of events that took place June 27,, 1844, I offer the following. One day, many years ago, some little

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Mighty Prayer

Lucy Mack Smith and Mighty Prayer The next time you find yourself too tired to pray or too busy, please remember this story. It was

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Samuel Harrison Smith

Samuel Harrison Smith June 1830.  Mendon, New York.  It was in the evening when Phineas, a circuit preacher was on his way home. He stopped

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Thurlow Weed

We are working on the show that tells the story of securing a printer for the Book of Mormon. This is one of the things

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Sallie Heller Conrad

Sally Heller Conrad Undoubtedly when Sally took the job she hadn’t planned on this.  She was 18 years old and hired on to help out

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