Chandler Holbrook The Kingdom of God is once more upon the earth. Men and women are needed who will stand firm, steadfast, and immovable in defense of God and his prophets. Chandler Holbrook was born in September of 1807 to Moses and Hannah Morton Holbrook in Florence, New York. When he was just a lad […]

July 22, 1839 The Day of God’s Power

July 22, 1839: “The Day of God’s Power” When the Latter-day Saints first came in 1839 to that area along the Mississippi River that would become Nauvoo, it was anything but a beautiful situation. It was by Joseph Smith’s own description a swamp—“a deathly, sickly hole” full of mosquitos, misery, and death. It was ill-drained […]

“I’m A full-blooded Mormon”

“I’m A Full-Blooded Mormon” Mary Elizabeth Rollins Lightner I don’t know that faith is possible without courage. I’ve lived long enough to know that the Lord’s course is not for the faint of heart. May I tell you a story about Mary Elizabeth Rollins Lightner. Most of us remember her as the courageous girl who […]

Joseph Smith and The Spirit of Revelation

Joseph Smith and The Spirit of Revelation What was it like to be there and witness Joseph Smith receiving revelations? Brigham Young was a witness and said this, “those who were acquainted with [the Prophet Joseph] knew when the Spirit of revelation was upon him, for his countenance wore an expression peculiar to himself while […]

A Strong Woman

A Strong Woman Sometimes it is well to be reminded just how hard some people have had it for the Gospel’s sake. October 23, 1856, William James was asked to help bury the dead that morning before beginning the ascent of Rocky Ridge, Wyoming. William and his family were a part of the Willie Handcart […]

Mount Tambora and the Year Without A Summer

  It has been said that none of us can truly know who we are until we know where we came from and the heritage that we have inherited. For this Father’s Day, please consider the following from History of the Saints. Mount Tambora and the Year Without A Summer April 10, 1815 Mount Tambora […]

The Miracle of Translation

  The Miracle of  Translation Joseph Smith was only 22 years-old in September of 1827, when he obtained the Gold Plates. He was charged to translate, but in the area of Palmyra, New York there was not peace sufficient to do so. In December 1827, he moved to Harmony, Pennsylvania where he “commenced copying the […]

Is Anything Too Hard For The Lord: Parley P. Pratt’s Mission to Canada

Is Anything too hard for the Lord–Parley P Pratt in Canada Is anything too hard for the Lord? Elder Pratt was called to serve as a missionary in Toronto, Canada. He and a companion traveled into Canada via Niagara Falls where they stopped and marveled at the wonders of God’s hand in creation. Elder Pratt […]

Samuel and Amanda Chambers

Samuel and Amanda Chambers April 27, 1870, Samuel and Amanda Chambers arrived in Salt Lake City. They quickly found a home and Samuel began working at a sawmill in Big Cottonwood Canyon. They were taken in by the saints and welcomed. Considering that this is a missionary-minded Church and gathered from all over the world […]

Caleb Baldwin Noble Friend

Caleb Baldwin: Bold Friend Caleb was born September 2, 1791, in Nobletown, New York. As he matured he was quiet and soft-spoken except when speaking in defense of his friends and then he was known to have a “fiery tongue.” Caleb fought under Captain Charles Parker in the War of 1812. He married Nancy, December […]