Emma Belle and Grandpa

In commemoration of events that took place June 27,, 1844, I offer the following.

One day, many years ago, some little girls were playing in front of Emma Belle’s house. They were talking about their grandfathers. Emma Belle had never heard of a grandpa, so she asked where hers was. One of the older girls, said, “Your grandpa was bad man and somebody killed him.” Then the girl turned to her friends and started laughing.

Emma Belle turned and ran into the House. Her father, Alexander opened the door for her, and she rushed in. “Where’s my grandpa,” she said, “Why can’t I have a grandpa like the other girls? Was he a bad man, and did men kill him?”

Emma was clearly upset, but her daddy picked her up, walked over and sat down. “Your grandpa,” he explained, “was my father….He was not a bad man….They killed your grandpa and my father.” As Alexander spoke, “his tears fell on [her] face.” Emma Belle always felt the tears were not for his loss of so long ago, but for hers.

That little girl was Emma Belle Smith. The Grandfather she never knew was Joseph Smith Jr.

Source: The Emma Smith We Knew A collection of memories and recipes from Emma, as recalled by her posterity.

Written and Compiled by Darcy Kennedy and Angeline Kennedy Washburn.

Published by the Joseph Smith Jr. and Emma Hale Smith Historical Society, Inc. Alpine, Utah.

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  1. I live in Canada and my Uncle was a Utah pioneers who came from Canada. His son was martyred on his second mission to Georgia and is buried among the Prophets in Salt Lake. I’m a senior citizen now but growing up I never heard their names mentioned or any stories repeated. I only found out of them when I did my family history and then the Brampton Stake put out a video called “Joseph Smith in Upper Canada” in which their names are mentioned.
    I can only guess that their names were never mentioned again because of the pain the family left behind felt. My Uncle was accused by many in Canada of joining the awful Mormons. He endured much hardship along side the Prophet Joseph while imprisoned with him. He loved Hyrum and helped Mary and the children while Hyrum was in Liberty Jail. I honor, respect and remember my Uncle James Standing and all that he did to preserve this restored gospel. I will keep his name alive!

    1. Elizabeth,
      I know the story of Joseph Standing and his martyrdom. It is a revered story.
      I hope your posterity keeps that story alive. It is a legacy to be proud of.

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