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A Labor Of Love: The Story Of Amasa Mason Lyman (Video Download)


This is the remarkable story of one man and the tender mercies of the Almighty.



Amasa Mason Lyman was a member of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles and a contemporary of Joseph Smith and Brigham Young. He served as a valiant missionary and a faithful servant of the Lord traveling the world over on the Lord’s errand. And then, for whatever reasons, became embittered and embattled with his brethren over his doctrinal teachings. Amasa was excommunicated, and passed out of this life a few years later still outside the Church. But then due to a most remarkable sequence of events, Amasa was rebaptized and his blessings and priesthood office restored. Amasa Lyman was in many respects an enigma in this life, and a valuable lesson to us all in the next. Learn more in this full-length feature documentary produced by History of the Saints.

Running Time: 78 Minutes

Format: 720p


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