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Covenant Communications Presents: "400 Questions & Answers about the Life and Times of Jesus Christ"


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By Susan Easton Black

In this engaging volume, renowned gospel scholar and teacher Susan Easton Black explores more than 400 questions- many inspired by her own students-about the life and times of the Savior. Organized chronologically from the Nativity to the Resurrection, the author’s skillful responses lend valuable insight into the childhood and adolescence of Jesus as well as His mortal ministry and atoning sacrifice. Many of these descriptive passages provide key details regarding New Testament geography, politics, and culture that illuminate and enhance the scriptural text, while others address more complex doctrinal topics in a succinct and sensitive manner. Colorfully illustrated with more than 80 images, this book is an ideal companion for students and teachers in a variety of settings, from Seminary to Gospel Doctrine class to personal and family scripture study. The research in this book is backed by extensive documentation, as well as deep and evident love for the subject matter. Dr. Black provides a fascinating view of the historical and religious identity of Jesus Christ through the lens of the restored gospel.