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Covenant Communications Presents: "Miracle Maker - A Christmas Tale" - DVD


A Christmas Series:  “The Miracle Maker is coming!”  If any town is in need of a miracle, it’s Woodhaven, a tiny town hanging on the edge of the American frontier.  It’s nearly Christmas, but it’s hardly a season of celebration.  Work is scarce, money is tight, love is lagging, and spirits are down.  Maybe the Miracle Maker can turn things around.  The town anxiously waits for someone magnificent who can change their lives.  But the ragged traveler who appears isn’t what anyone expects–except for one small, silent boy and a precocious little girl.  It seems this man can barely take care of himself, let alone fulfill the dreams of others.  But Miracles can come in all shapes and sizes–and sometimes from unexpected places.  Your entire family will love this Christmas tale of hope, love, and miracles.