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Covenant Communications Presents: "Saints at War" - DVD


Sixty years ago, while in the prime of their youth, thousands of young Latter-day Saints humbly stepped forward, prepared to sacrifice their lives so that the nightmare of tyranny might end.

The second world war brought untold horrors, degradation, and the tragic loss of life.  The Faith, service, and sacrifice of these stalwart Church members changed the face of the world…and influenced the next generations in profound ways.

In this landmark video, you’ll meet people like Victor B. Cline, an infantryman who was miraculously preserved on several occasions and attributed his good fortune to prayer, paying an honest tithing, and following the straight and narrow.  You’ll hear the account of Neal A. Maxwell, who, while under direct fire, felt divine intervention on his behalf that he attributes to the prayer of his mother thousands of miles away.  And you’ll meet John L. Flade, who, as a young sergeant in the German army, faced the dilemma of shooting at enemies who were fellow Latter-day Saints.

These are the scoutmasters, the choristers, the bishops, and the home teachers–ward members who went about their daily work with the same diligence and passion that defined their generation.

Drawing on hundreds of oral and written histories from Church leaders and veterans around the world, this stunning video chronicles the harsh realities of war and the miracles that seemed both abundant and ever present–the remarkable stories of Saints at War.