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Handcarts 1856-1860 DVD


Those who pulled handcarts across the plains are looked at today as great examples of faith—

but what many may not realize is that the handcart was an even bigger test of faith for those

who pulled them. This unusual conveyance represented more than just a cumbersome two-

wheeled burden. It represented a wrenching test of obedience. Would they come—the rich and

the poor, from all over the world—at the prophet’s call? Would they give away all but

seventeen pounds of this world’s goods? And would they come by handcart? There were those

both in and out of the Church who mocked the prophet, ridiculed the plan, and tried to stop the

obedient. But the faithful came anyway—more than three thousand of them in ten companies

of handcarts from 1856 to 1860. Their story is as unusual and as powerful as their mode of

conveyance was different. This History of the Saints special documentary DVD presentation tells

their compelling story.