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Hawn’s Mill Tragedy and Truth - DVD



In 1838 a mob of some 200 men attacked the small Latter-day Saint settlement of Hawn’s Mill in northern Missouri, and when it was over 17 men and boys lay dead while many others were wounded. For decades misunderstandings have perpetuated as to why this happened. This 2013 DVD brings forth fascinating new research that sets the record straight. These people did not disobey the Prophet Joseph Smith. This story is indeed a tragedy, but it is also an inspiring story of faith and martyrdom. And whereas the book by the same title presents the history of this event, the documentary DVD focuses on the people who were there–those who lived through it or gave their lives for their faith.


The Rude Vault by Julie RogersThe Rude Vault by Julie Rogers represents that moment at Hawn’s Mill when Amanda Barnes Smith assisted by her oldest son, Willard, placed the body of her son, Sardius down the well to protect him from the mutilations of the brutal mob. Of all those souls who suffered and lost much at Hawn’s Mill, Amanda Barnes Smith left one of the most revealing accounts, and earned an honored place of respect in history forever.

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