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History of the Saints 3 Digital Audio Books Collection



Now available as digital audio downloads, three premier titles from History of the Saints.

1. Signs Wonders, and Miracles, A collection of short inspiring stories from the journals of early Latter-day Saints describing the miracles and tender mercies of the Almighty–stories that are sure to lift and encourage.

2. Mormon Wars, The history of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is replete with tales of sacrifice and suffering, tragedy and triumph. Now gospel scholars can gain a deeper understanding of many of the significant trials faced by members of the Church with Mormon Wars, a groundbreaking volume that masterfully presents historical accounts of pioneer perseverance. From violent mob persecutions to armed troops in the Utah territory to the war against polygamy, understanding the events that refined the early Saints will fortify your faith in the face of continuing modern-day battles.

3. Tragedy and Truth: What Happened at Hawn’s Mill, On the afternoon of October 30, 1838, a mob attacked the small Latter-day Saint settlement of Hawn’s Mill. killing 17 and wounding many others. It was savage and inhumane and left deep scars on the hearts of survivors and the collective Church membership. Why did it happen? Who carried it out? Was anyone ever brought to justice? These questions and many others are answered in this watershed volume that represents the latest in scholarship and research. May historical misconceptions have carried down to the present day that are corrected by this work. As was Carthage to the Church so too should Hawn’s Mill be considered.


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