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History of the Saints Season 4 Joseph Smith and the Foundations of the Restoration Season Collection (Digital Download)


The entire fourth season of History of the Saints: Joseph Smith and the Foundations of the Restoration as digital downloadable files.

This is the complete story of the beginnings of the Restoration.

28 episodes (mp4)


From those who helped bring you the Joseph Smith Papers television series comes a new television series, Joseph Smith and the Foundations of the Restoration. In this inspiring and instructive new series the producers tell not only the story of Joseph Smith and those key events of the Restoration, but also the history of the Church in general and those people who were there on the ground at the time. Carefully written and reviewed, the history is reliable and represents in many cases the latest in historical research. Inspired music and art fill each episode making it easy to watch and understand. For anyone who wants to get a better understanding of the foundations of Mormonism this series is a must.

This is a season compilation of 30 television shows from Season 4 of the acclaimed History of the Saints series.


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