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History of the Saints Season I - Gathering To The West (DVD Set)


The first season of the acclaimed History of the Saints documentary television series begins where the last season of the Joseph Smith Papers left off; the Martyrdom of Joseph Smith at Carthage, and follows the Latter-day Saints through the last days of Nauvoo and across the plains in search of their new home somewhere over the Rocky Mountains. History of the Saints: Gathering to the West contains 35 half-hour episodes and concludes with arrival of President Brigham Young and the Vanguard Company into the Salt Lake Valley in July 1847. The producers of this series have combined the most reliable historical scholarship with music, art, and video, to bring you a product that is at once instructive and inspiring.


8 Crossing on the IceCrossing on the Ice by Glen S. Hopkinson represents that portion of the Latter-day Saints who left Nauvoo in February and March of 1846, some of whom actually did cross on the ice in search of a home in the west, they knew not where.


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