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Joseph Smith Complete Collection (Four Season Digital Download)



Starting at $29.99 per season.  Pick and choose just the time periods you want, or get all four seasons for $129.99.



This one of a kind collection features over 100 episodes that aired as Seasons 4, 5, 6, and 7 of the acclaimed television series History of the Saints. Covering early Latter-day Saint history from the life of Joseph Smith the Prophet and the religious revolution he helped found, each episode is 22:30 in length and showcases outstanding informed scholars and stunning visuals. Excellent for lessons and for those who want to explore their history in greater depth. Normally these complete season sets are priced at $39.99 each, but just for Christmas the entire four season collection covering the life of Joseph Smith is offered at $129.99.


Digital Downloads (mp4) included in this collection:

Joseph Smith and the Foundations of the Restoration – History of the Saints Season 4 (28 Episodes)

Joseph Smith’s Kirtland – History of the Saints Season 5 (30 Episodes)

Joseph Smith From Pentecost to Persecution – History of the Saints Season 6 (24 Episodes)

Joseph Smith’s Nauvoo: The City Beautiful – History of the Saints Season 7 (20 Episodes)


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