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Joseph Smith: From Pentecost to Persecution - 6 DVD Set


History of the Saints— the acclaimed documentary television series teaching Latter-day Saint Church history—presents Season 6: From Pentecost to Persecution, telling in careful detail the history of the Church from the joyful celebrations of the Kirtland Temple dedication to the grief and suffering of the Mormon/Missouri War of 1838. Included are details of the Kirtland Safety Society, the Kirtland apostasy, the founding of Far West, the missions of Parley P. Pratt to Canada and Heber C. Kimball to England, and much more. As you watch, you will be delivered to the very doors of Liberty Jail with Joseph Smith and his friends in December 1838.

With its incisive scholarship, beautiful visuals, and precise narration, this series brings Church history to life, making it informative, memorable, and edifying.