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Joseph Smith's Nauvoo: The City Beautiful Complete Season 7 (Digital Download)


The final season of History of the Saints covering from 1839 to 1844. The story of Nauvoo and Joseph Smith’s last days.

20 episodes


Joseph Smith’s Nauvoo: The City Beautiful is the seventh and final season of the acclaimed documentary television series History of the Saints. It has been said that Joseph Smith’s life was a life lived in crescendo, and indeed, the historical record bears that out; for it was in Nauvoo that we witness Joseph rise from a dungeon in Missouri to build the glory of Nauvoo. This season collection takes the viewer from the winter of 1839 and the exodus of Missouri to the martyrdom of Joseph Smith in June 1844. For any who would learn of the building of Nauvoo and the last days of Joseph Smith, this collection is a must.


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