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Lucy Mack Smith - First Mother of the Restoration DVD


Lucy Mack Smith – mother of the Prophet of the Restoration, Joseph Smith Jr. – was born during the American Revolution and by her very nature had the determined spirit of independence. She also witnessed
the Second Great Awakening in America that caused so many to seek after God. These influences,
coupled with a faithful upbringing, created in Lucy Mack Smith a singular personality and character,
well-suited to rear the Prophet would restore all truth to the earth.
That alone was monumental, but her influence extended well beyond the formative years of her
children. The historical record bears out the profound respect shown her both by her family and
body of the Saints. Not only did she prove herself an exemplary mother and companion, but she
was a fierce witness and defender of the faith.
This documentary gives new insight into the life story of Lucy Mack Smith – First Mother of the Restoration.