Building Faith Through Church History

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Men of Courage, Men of Faith


The history of the Church is full of stories of great men, some who served the Lord as bold leaders and others who built the kingdom as faithful followers, because for every well-known figure, there are countless others whose lasting impact is lesser known. In Men of Courage, Men of Faith, discover the untold stories of men who have answered the Lord’s call, living lives grounded in faith and fortitude.

Master storyteller Glenn Rawson brings history to life with fascinating insights from the lives of many of these noteworthy men, including Ephraim K. Hanks, Erastus Snow, James G. Willie, William H. Kimball, Solomon Mack, Daniel W. Jones, Redick Allred, Lucius Scoville, and more. Use these stirring stories for a little daily inspiration or as a perfect addition to a family home evening lesson.