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Precept Upon Precept


The story of the evolution of the doctrine of Christ through Joseph Smith.


In this program we have presented the history of many things, people, places, groups, but there is one thing we have not touched on that is as important as all the others, if not more so—it is the history of Latter-day Saint doctrine. The doctrine represents the foundational belief upon which commandments, actions, behavior, policies and procedure are all based. The doctrine of the Latter-day Saints came through Joseph Smith and evolved as time passed both for him and the Church. In this special episode of History of the Saints we tell the story of the history and evolution of Latter-day Saint doctrine, and of a new book written by Robert Millet and published by Deseret Book. It is Precept Upon Precept. We begin with this fundamental question—What is the doctrine of Christ and why does it matter?


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