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Season 1 Episode 34 The First Days on the Valley


The story of the Pioneer Company’s first days in the Valley


It was on Friday July 23, 1847 9:30 AM that the first of the Pioneer Company in the Valley of the Great Salt Lake assembled under the direction of Elder Orson Pratt of the Quorum of the Twelve. After some introductory remarks Elder Pratt thanked the Almighty for their preservation and “safe arrival…; consecrated and dedicated the land to the Lord, and entreated his blessings on the seeds about to be planted.” By noon the first furrow was turned. By 2:00PM they were damming City Creek and digging ditches. Seeds were in the ground and work was well underway when the next day, July 24, 1847, about 2:00pm—President Brigham Young and the last of the Pioneer Company arrived in the Valley.


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