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Season 2 Epsidoe 12 The Doctrine of the Gathering


An explanation of the Latter-day Saints doctrine and practice of gathering.


President Brigham Young was near here when he said, “This is the right place.” Well, the right place for what? The answer—the gathering. This place was to be for a time the saint’s home. They were to come from all over the world and beginning here, build up Zion.  Indeed the First Presidency issued the call for the Saints to “come home to Zion….Brethren,” they said, “ fear God; work righteousness; and come home speedily. (02 Come They did) And come they did in the decades that followed by the tens of thousands. This episode of History of the Saints is to explain why they came—to explain the doctrine of the Gathering in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.


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