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Season 2 Episode 26 The 1852 Announcement of Plural Marriage


The story of the announcement of plural marriage in Salt Lake City in 1852.


Plural marriage may have been revealed as early as the 1830’s. Joseph Smith dictated a revelation on the subject in 1843 that is now known as DC 132. Plural marriage was at first practiced secretly. The Saints sought a new home in the Rocky Mountains where they could be free to live their religion as they saw fit. It was at Winter Quarters that they began to practice plural marriage more openly. Word gradually spread to the east from Salt Lake City that Mormons were practicing plural marriage. Utah’s runaway officials spread many rumors about plural marriage in Washington causing the nation to become outraged. As a result the Church chose to make an official announcement in August 1852 at a missionary conference. Orson Pratt was chosen to make the announcement.


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