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Season 2 Episode 27 The 1852 Announcement of Plural Marriage Part Two The Aftermath


The story of what happened after the world heard the announcement of plural marriage among the Mormons.


Elder Orson Pratt explained that plural marriage was a practice of the ancient patriarchs, and that today it was governed by revelation. He declared that only one man on the earth held the keys over plural marriage. At that conference DC 132 was read publicly for the first time. Elder Pratt went to Washington D.C. and defended plural marriage in the publication called The Seer. The announcement of plural marriage was not well received around the world both in and out of the Church. Polygamy was generally practiced only near Church headquarters. Measures would be taken by the Federal Government to eradicate plural marriage over the next several decades. The newly formed Republican Party took up the torch against plural marriage in 1856. The doctrine proved a significant separator within the faith. Plural marriage began and ended with revelation and no man practicing it today is a Latter-day Saint.


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