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Season 2 Episode 30 The Beginnings of the Salt Lake Temple Part 1 The Announcement


The story of the beginnings of the Salt Lake Temple


President Young had promised that after Nauvoo they would build more temples in the Rocky Mountains. Some temple ordinances were performed at Winter Quarters and along the trail to the West. The site for the Salt Lake Temple was designated within days of President Young’s arrival in the Valley, but survival and settlement would delay the completion of the Temple for decades. The Council House; a multi-use building, was built in Salt Lake and temple ordinances were administered therein. It was October 1852, in General Conference, that the Saints voted to build the Salt Lake Temple. It was decided to build it of granite, the finest material available. February 14, 1853, the groundbreaking was held. It was April 6, 1853 when the cornerstone ceremony was conducted as part of General Conference.


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