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Season 2 Episode 31 The Beginnings of the Salt Lake Temple Part 2 The Endowment House


The story of the Endowment House.


The Salt Lake Temple was envisioned and designed in concept by President Brigham Young. Truman O. Angell was the principal architect for the Salt Lake Temple. He was assisted in the initial drawings by William Ward. The interior design of the Salt Lake Temple changed from the time of the Temple’s first construction and its completion forty years later. Temple ordinances in the Council House were intermittent. It was felt that those ordinances belonged in a building wholly set apart for that purpose. Thus, the Endowment House was dedicated May 5, 1855 by President Heber C. Kimball. This structure would serve temple purposes and stand until 1889. Generally speaking, only work for the living was performed in the Endowment House. Work for the dead would not be performed until the completion of the St. George Temple in 1877. The Endowment House was a prototype of the four future temples built in pioneer Utah. The coming of Johnston’s Army disrupted the building of the Salt Lake Temple for years.


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