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Season 2 Episode 32 Pioneer Worship Part 1


In light of our modern block meeting plan, how did the early saints worship?


Being active in the Church was not a phrase used in pioneer times. Being a faithful Church member then required some different duties than is seen today. There were no Church Auxiliaries in the early pioneer period. The Saints gathered for Sunday worship, but that was generally altogether as a group, often in an outdoor setting. Later, tabernacles were built to accommodate these Sunday meetings. For several reasons, attendance at pioneer meetings was low, especially among the children. Then, as now, the Saints had their favorite speakers. General Conference was held twice a year and the Saints would come from all over to attend. Fast meetings were held in Utah on Thursdays during the pioneer period. In the administration of the Sacrament the common cup and plate was the custom of the day. The Word of Wisdom was taught but not as strictly as today. There were three types of tithing in the pioneer period.


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