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Season 2 Episode 33 Pioneer Worship Part 2 The Development of Wards and Callings


The development of our modern wards and callings.


Rebaptism was one of the early practices of the Saints. Missionary service was expected then as now. Everything the Saints did was to build up the kingdom of God. Temple work was only for the living. In the pioneer period there were very few ward jobs and callings. The Aaronic Priesthood functioned differently in pioneer times than it does now. One of the more common callings for women at that time was to be a midwife. The later creation of the auxiliaries effectively gave rise to Church activity as we know it today. A bishop could serve for life in pioneer times, as could the relief society president. The idea was that when you received a calling you served for life and did not ask to be released. At the heart of pioneer worship was obedience and a close relationship to Christ.


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