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Season 3 Episode 17 The Move South and Occupation


With the approach of Johnston’s army to Salt Lake City, the saints were forced to flee. The story of occupation.


In our last episode of History of the Saints Johnston’s army had gone into winter quarters near Fort Bridger on the eastern edge of Utah Territory, and General Daniel H. Wells had dismissed most of his Nauvoo Legion forces for the winter; though a small contingent settled in to spy on the army. War would wait for spring. While the Saints prepared and the army simmered in rage, Colonel Thomas L. Kane arrived in Salt Lake City to avert a war. In this episode we will discuss his efforts to effect reconciliation, and then talk about the army’s march into Salt Lake City. And finally, though some people know about the Utah War perhaps few understand just how much misery and suffering it brought upon the Saints. We begin March 12, 1858 with the arrival of Colonel Kane at Camp Scott.



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