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Season 5 Episode 02 Those First Days in Kirtland


Joseph Smith's arrival in Kirtland


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Artwork by Glen S. Hopkinson

Joseph and Emma Smith arrived in Kirtland from New York February 4, 1831. Joseph bounded up the steps of the Gilbert and Whitney Store and approached Newel K. Whitney. Extending his hand across the counter he said, “Newel K. Whitney, Thou art the Man!” Newel did not know who the stranger was. “I could not call you by name as you have me,” he said. “I am Joseph the Prophet; you have prayed me here, now what do you want of me?” And then as Amulek took in Alma and cared for him, Newel and Ann Whitney took in Joseph and Emma, who was expecting twins. It was on that very day that Joseph received a revelation. Among other things it extended a call that would forever alter one man’s life and the government of the Church.

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