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Season 5 Episode 20 Joseph Smith’s 1833 Mission to Canada



Season Five Show 20 Joseph Smith’s 1833 Mission to Canada

It was April 1833 when Amasa Lyman and Zerubabbel Snow preached the gospel in the town of Perrysburg, New York. Among those who listened and believed was 54 year-old Freeman Nickerson and his large family. They were baptized. It is said that Freeman Nickerson was nearly 7 feet tall and weighed close to 300 pounds, most of that was muscle. He was a meek and humble man with a zest for life. He desired that two of his sons, Moses, and Eleazer Freeman, then living in Canada, be taught the Gospel as well. Accordingly, Freeman journeyed to Kirtland to ask Joseph Smith to accompany him to Canada. Joseph welcomed Father Nickerson, heard his request, and inquired of the Lord. The answer was go. Accordingly, October 5, 1833 Joseph and Sidney Rigdon left for a mission to Upper Canada. And this is that story.


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