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Season 4 Episode 12 "Multitudes Were On The Alert"


Once Joseph Smith obtained the Gold Plates from Moroni every means imaginable was used to get them from him. This is that story.


Joseph and Emma Hale Smith, newly married, journeyed to Manchester to live with Joseph’s parents. The family prepared private quarters for them, and life went on. It was sometime after that Joseph returned home three hours later than expected looking quite exhausted. His father asked him where he had been. Joseph didn’t answer. Joseph Sr. pressed him with questions more insistently. Finally, Joseph smiled and said, “I have taken the severest chastisement that I have ever had in my life.” Father Smith was indignant that someone would presume to chastise his son and said as much. “Stop, Father, stop,” exclaimed Joseph. “It was the angel of the Lord…[he] said the time had come for the record to be brought forth; and that I must be up and doing.” It was at that meeting near Cumorah when Joseph was instructed once again to return to the Hill on September 22, 1827. It was this year or never. Accordingly it was just after midnight on the appointed date that Joseph and Emma went to the hill.

Artwork by Robert T. Barrett


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