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Season 4 Episode 27 The Mission to the Lamanites Part 2


The 1830 mission to the Lamanites was instrumental in opening the way for the move of the Church to points farther west. This is that story.


October 1830—Oliver Cowdery, Parley P. Pratt, Ziba Peterson, and Peter Whitmer Jr.—the four missionaries called to preach to the Lamanites, set out on their journey to Indian lands west of the Missouri River. Along the way they stopped in the Kirtland area of northern Ohio where they found thousands eager to hear them. They baptized more than 125 people—and then, by the end of November 1830, they were once more on their way west. As Oliver and company went west to teach the Lamanites, Sidney Rigdon and Edward Partridge went east to meet Joseph Smith. We begin December 10, 1830 at the home of Joseph Smith Sr. and Lucy Mack in Waterloo, New York.

Artwork by Henry Inouye


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