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Season 4 Episode 7 The Early Years in Palmyra


This is the story of the Smith’s family settlement in Palmyra, New York.


Palmyra, New York was first settled in 1789 and was called Swift’s Landing after its founder, General John Swift. Then in 1796 the name was changed to Palmyra. By the summer of 1816, word had spread that Palmyra was a promising place to be with cheap, productive farm land and a thriving and growing community. Having experienced so much difficulty in Vermont, the Smith family cleared their debts and set their sights on Palmyra. Accompanying a man named Howard, Father Smith was the first to leave. Alvin and Hyrum walked for a time with their father before turning back. Father Smith arrived in the Fall of 1816 and sent word for his family to join him.

Artwork by Paul Mann


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