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Season 6 Episode 12 The Saints in Northern Missouri


This is the story of the first explorations of the saints into northern Missouri.


The Latter-day Saints were driven out of Jackson County, Missouri in the summer of 1833. Following that they were refugees in Clay County, across the Missouri River to the north. In the fall of 1834 a small army of Latter-day Saints led by the Prophet Joseph Smith attempted to restore the saints to their land in Jackson County. Those efforts proved futile. Then in April 1838, Joseph Smith fled Kirtland and went to the newly founded Latter-day Saint settlement of Far West in northern Missouri. How did Far West come to be? What happened in that interim time between the forced exodus of Jackson County and the saint’s settlement of Caldwell County? That is this episode of History of the Saints. We begin in June 1834 in Clay County Missouri with the close of Zion’s Camp.


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