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Season 6 Episode 19 Independence Day in Far West


This is the story of Sidney Rigdon’s speech July 4, 1838 about a war of extermination.


Notwithstanding that the saints had prospered in northern Missouri in the summer of 1838, it had come at a price. Certain old settlers in Missouri, especially in Daviess County resented their presence and made it known. Parley Pratt described the situation by July 1838. War clouds began again to lower with dark and threatening aspect. Those who had combined against the laws in the adjoining counties, had long watched our increasing power and prosperity with jealousy, and with greedy and avaricious eyes. It was a common boast that, as soon as we had completed our extensive improvements, and made a plentiful crop, they would drive us from the State, and once more enrich themselves with the spoils. This episode of History of the Saints is about that rising anger and those events that put the match to the tinder. We begin July 4, 1838—Independence Day in Far West, Missouri.


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