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Season 6 Episode 23 The Fall of Far West


This is the story of the Fall of Far West in October 1838.


October 1838, Governor Lilburn W. Boggs was in Jefferson City, Missouri receiving reports of hostilities between Mormons and non-Mormons in northern Missouri. It had become so bad that he had called out the state militia to restore peace. Then October 27 he received breathless word from harried messengers of the battle of Crooked River in which it was reported that the Mormons had attacked and slaughtered an entire company of Missouri Militia, and that volunteers were needed to “stop the devastation which is menaced by these infuriated fanatics.” It was enough. It was deemed “an outrage beyond all belief,” and the Governor would brand it accordingly, and thence would come the infamous Extermination Order, and from it would come terrible consequences. This episode of History of the Saints tells the story of the fall of Far West.


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