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The Council of 50 Minutes Special Presentation (Audio Only)


The Joseph Smith Papers and History of the Saints present and special audio podcast, “The Council of 50 Minutes.” This tells the story of what those minutes are and why they matter to any serious student of LDS Church history.


MARCH 11, 1844–Nauvoo, Illinois, Joseph Smith organized a council that he and others saw as the beginning of the government of the literal kingdom of God on earth. The council, known both as the Council of the Kingdom of God or as more commonly called– Council of Fifty, because it had roughly fifty members, operated under the Prophet’s direction until his martyrdom less than four months later. By February 1845, President Brigham Young reorganized the Council for a very specific purpose. The minutes of the council’s meetings, kept primarily by William Clayton, have never been publicly available. This volume of The Joseph Smith Papers publishes them for the first time. This History of the Saints special presentation is about those minutes and that forthcoming volume.


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