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Season 6 Episode 08 The Kirtland Safety Society Anti-Bank


The Story of the failure of the Kirtland Safety Society in 1837.




OH, Kirtland Safety Society, 1837 $5, J. Smith, 653(1000)

The Kirtland Safety Society was created by Joseph Smith and his associates to help with the Church’s debts and to prosper the saints while building up Kirtland. In its establishment they followed the banking precedents and protocols of the day. They began selling stock in October of 1836 and it was originally incorporated November 2, 1836. There were great hopes that this would bring a measure of financial independence and prosperity to the Saints. But of course, as we shall show in this episode, opposition arose almost from the bank’s inception. This is the story of the failure of the Kirtland Safety Society.

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