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The Miracle of the Book of Mormon - 2 Disc DVD Set


The Book of Mormon is a miracle! It is truly a marvelous work and a wonder brought forth by the gift and power of God. Not just Joseph Smith, but no man in that age or now could have authored the work. It is too deep, too complex, too much for the mind and intellect of any one man. In short, it is a miracle.

In this History of the Saints special presentation, we present the expertise and witness of some of the world’s most informed scholars on the Book of Mormon. They will discuss the history and origins of the text, the Book as literature, its doctrine and intertextuality, its translation and printing. Even the claims of the book archaeologically and anthropologically will be examined. This fascinating documentary special is a must-see for all who have an interest in the Book of Mormon.


  1. Sister Ross (ASL Church Service Missonary

    I do need to know if they do have closed captioned?

    Sister Ross

    • rawsglen

      Sister Ross,
      The Season Collections of the TV series are closed-captioned.

    • hos

      Yes they are closed captioned 😊

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