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The Quincy Miracle Book and DVD Bundle

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The Quincy Miracle Bundle – Includes the hardback book “The Quincy Miracle: A Rescue Never to be Forgotten” and DVD “Quincy: A Miracle Never to be Forgotten”

In the winter of 1839, the Latter-day Saints were refugees, running for their very lives while time counted down. In the aftermath of the Extermination Order issued by the governor of Missouri and the Mormon/Missouri War, the Saints were ordered out of the state of Missouri—with very little time to accomplish that evacuation. As they fled, they faced open hostility on every side except one: The citizens of the small community of Quincy, Illinois, took in the refugees in overwhelming numbers, providing food, shelter, and all the necessities of life. The charitable beneficence exercised by nearly an entire community was so unusual for the Mormons that it gendered an indelible memory within the Saints that remains to this day.

This work is history, carefully documented and accurately told. It is not romantic fiction, though reading and watching this story will stir the soul and inspire both compassion and gratitude.