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The Remarkable Journey of the Mormon Battalion - DVD


Battalion-DVD In 1846, the United States Government came calling on the leaders of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints for 500 men to join the United States Army in the war with Mexico. They were to march to California and aid in securing U.S. interests there. The History of the Saints team produced 10 episodes for television that told in considerable detail the story of the mustering, march, service and legacy of the men and women of the Mormon Battalion. This inspiring historical documentary is a compilation and abridgment of the material from those shows. It represents the latest scholarship done on the Mormon Battalion and tends to focus more heavily on the people of the Battalion than does the book of the same title. Is it a story worth learning about? President Brigham Young said the men of the Battalion were “The salvation of this Church!” Learn why in this gripping story.


18 Battle of the BullsOne of those dramatic moments that demonstrated the courage of the Battalion is the Battle of the Bulls in southern Arizona.


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