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War on the Saints


The History of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is replete with tales of sacrifice and suffering, tragedy and triumph. Now members of the Church can gain a deeper understanding of many of the significant trials faced by early Saints with War on the Saints, a groundbreaking volume that masterfully presents historical accounts of pioneer perseverance.

From violent mob persecutions to armed troops in the Utah Territory to the war against polygamy, understanding the events that refined the early Saints will fortify your faith in the face of continuing modern-day challenges.

The question is often asked, “I wonder who has endured more for the Gospel, the pioneers or us today?” While that question has no easy answer, this new book from History of the Saints explains in great detail just what it cost those early Latter-day Saints to be true to the faith. Numerous scholars explain in detail what the Saints endured for their faith in the early days in New York, in Kirtland, In Missouri, in Nauvoo, the journey west, the Utah War, and finally the great war on the saints because of polygamy. This book will open the eyes of the reader to what life was really like for a 19th century Mormon.


  1. Diana Bingham

    I am anxious to read this book as I am always wanting to learn more about the early Saints and their lives.

  2. Monilee Pearson Conrad

    We attend your seminars and are excited to read this book and expand our knowledge about the early Saints.

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