34 Ask of God by Sandra RastI spent all of yesterday working on and researching the material for Show 08 of our fourth Season. The Show is entitled If Any of you Lack Wisdom: The World of 1820. This is the story of those events beginning globally, then nationally, and finally regionally around Palmyra that prepared the way for Joseph Smith’s First Vision. I learned the following facts: The revival Spirit that caused the religious excitement that Joseph spoke of was really part of a much bigger movement called the Second Great Awakening that had begun first in England and then in the U.S. at Cane Ridge Kentucky in 1801, and also Joseph’s own family was deeply divided over religion. They did not hold the same religious opinion and it was a sensitive issue in the family. And lastly, when Joseph said he leaned toward the Methodists–there was a reason for that. He believed that he had a choice in his salvation. His going into the Grove was a very typical Methodist thing to do, but what came of it was something far beyond the Methodists of the time. This much and more when this show airs on January 12, 2014 in Utah.